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Field trip to you, In-house school programs and assemblies...

Preschool, K-8th grade, and Special Events for any age!

education through nature


Grades K-6th, 45-minute presentation,

40 students max, suggested class size 25 students 

$225 for one session, $175 for each additional session scheduled on the same day, plus mileage


Preschool, 30 mintue presentation, 25 students max, 

education through nature

$200 for one session, $150 for each additional session scheduled on the same day


Assemblies, groups larger than 40 (includes live projections on 120" screen or house screen, PA and headset microphone for amplification

$450 for one assembly, $350 for each assional assembly scheduled on the same day

education through nature


Special events are presentations that are conducted outside of a traditional school setting. Some examples include presentations for Boy/Girl Scout troops, Libraries, Museums, and Senior Homes. Prices may vary depending on the number of participants and the location starting at $350 for a 45-60 minute presentation, plus mileage.


Please contact us for a quote 


Los Angeles County, $25 per location

Orange County, $50 per location

Riverside/San Bernardino County, $75 per location

Please inquire for locations not listed above


beautiful grasshopper

Mr. Roach will arrive at your location 15-30 minutes before your scheduled time to check in and set up. Set up display will depend on the space provided by the hosting school or facility. Display includes live and preserved specimens, projector/screen to view BUGS IN SUPER SIZE*, large mounted pictures, and other teaching aids.​


Programs can be presented in the classroom or (preferably) a multi-purpose room where classes will enter at their specified time. Please allow 5-15 minutes in between sessions to allow each group to exit and enter the presentation space comfortably.


BUGS IN SUPER SIZE*: Live projections of living arthropods may be observed in super-size given that there is a minimum of 10 feet from the screen and the first row of the audience.​



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