An educator will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to set up a wonderful display that will correspond with your chosen program theme. The presentation is not a memorized script, but a free flowing, age appropriate, interactive experience. The animals are introduced one at a time in a manner that is fun and exciting, allowing the audience to experience the wonder of life sciences in a up-close and controlled setting. Through these interactions, your students will learn the importance of environmental conservation, and to be kind, loving, and respectful to the earth, each other, and all living things!

Next Generation Science Standards Aligned

Hands-on* Preschool Programs (ECE Trained)
30 minute program, 25 students maximum per session
$150 plus mileage, $100 for each additional session*

Hands-on* TK-12th Grade Programs
 45 minute program, 25 students recommended per session
50 students maximum per session
$180 plus mileage, $125 for each additional session*

Assemblies, 1st-12th Grade 45-60 minutes
Most schools combine their students based on grade level, 
however, multiple grades can also be combined into one assembly! All assemblies include live HD animal projections and wireless audio amplification!  

100 students recommended per session
125 students maximum per session
$350 plus mileage, $175 for each additional session*

We understand that setting up an assembly schedule can 
seem like a challenge, but we’re here to help! Please 
contact us so we can get a few details about your 
school and provide you with a quote. 

Mileage fees
Los Angeles County: $25 
Orange County: $50 
Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside County: $50-$75
San Diego, Santa Barbara, Kern County: $100-$150

* some restrictions may apply
Please choose from the following program themes:

Incredible Insects

Incredible Insects classroom display, RD White Elementary, Glendale Unified School District

While easily overlooked, we’ll show you why insects deserve our attention! Observe an array of live and preserved specimens, watch cockroaches defy gravity, play hide and seek with a stick-bug and discover why insects are one of the most incredible creatures on the planet!

Awesome Arachnids 

Meet the real superheroes of 
our world, as you observe live spiders, their mysterious relatives, and discover why these awesome arachnids are truly one of natures most misunderstood creatures! 

Reclusive Rainforests

Covering only about six percent of the Earth’s 
surface, tropical rainforests are home to more plant and animal species than anywhere else on the planet! Experience the wonder of this precious biome through sensory stimulating demonstrations and encounters with live 
rainforest animals!

Radical Reptiles 

Get up-close with snakes, lizards, and tortoises! Discover what sets reptiles apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and learn how reptiles have adapted to survive 
extreme environmental challenges.

Dynamic Dinosaurs

Become a paleontologist 
as you examine museum quality dinosaur fossil replicas! Discover how modern science has changed the ways that we understand dinosaurs and get a chance to meet some of their living relatives... lizards!  

Amazing Animals

Take a crash course in animal 
biology as we dive into the world of invertebrates, reptiles, and mammals! Discover how animals survive and thrive in a variety of habitats, meet live animals, and understand the crucial role that they play in the environment. 



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